He made these great views from Space Station possible. Imagine the results he can give you.

North Atlantic Ocean
Atlantic, Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean 2
cupola view of earth - web
Sahara desert
close-up view of cupola on ISS
Cairo & Alexandria, Egypt, Israel lights 2
Mediterranean Riviera at night 2
Shuttle & China in bkgrnd
hurricane Harvey 2017 - iss052e074806 - 2

Words and images that get results

Words and images shape our view of the world. They can tell stories that engage, convey information, persuade, and so on.
To get the right words and images for your project(s), product(s), and/or service(s), you need more than just some basic writer. You need An Extraordinary Writer - someone who can also work with you as a consultant to get the results you want.

With his extensive and unique background, including many years as a NASA contractor and as a university professor, Dr. Jim Stramler should be your GO-TO writer.

Some of the many marketing or other benefits you could receive:

  • save you time by not having to do it yourself - you're free to run your business
  • solve technical and marketing problems
  • grow and add value to your business
  • tell a great story about you or your business
  • save money by not having to hire or use a regular employee who isn't a great writer

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